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Kontour monitor mounts

Kontour Monitor Mounts: Style with Strength and Flexibility

Kontour™ Series monitor arms create efficient, productive and ergonomic workspaces. Elegantly designed with the strength of a forged aluminum body, Kontour mounts offer innovative features like Centris Extreme Tilt, easy installation and stylish design at a great value.

Kontour™ Series K1 monitor mounts create flexible, functional workspaces in a wide variety of settings. The gas cylinder arm powers the K1 mount with dynamic height adjustability. Heavy-duty Kontour Series K2 monitor mounts provide strength, style and ergonomics.

Kontour™ Series K3 and K4 monitor array mounts provide strong, safe support for multi-monitor applications.

Featured Kontour Products

Check out our most popular Kontour mounts and accessories. Chief’s full line of Kontour products can be found at the bottom of the page.

K1D Series

Dynamic Desk Mounts

K2C Series

Column Clamp Mounts

K3 Arrays

K3 Series Kontour™ Static Arrays

K4G Arrays

K4 Series Kontour™ Focal-Adjust Arrays

Ergonomic Monitor Mounts


Kontour mounts help dramatically increase user comfort through flexible monitor configurations that meet the differing needs of multiple users.

High Quality Monitor Mounts


Kontour adjustable monitor arms greatly enhance the user’s ability to comfortably multitask due to increased workstation area and multi-monitor capacity.

LEED Monitor Mounts

LEED the way

Chief’s Kontour Series monitor mounts qualify for LEED Materials & Resources credits. Kontour mounts also contribute to proper ergonomic workstations, which may qualify for an Innovation in Design credit.